Remember how it was predicted that one day we would all be flying around with jet packs by now? Oh, how the insurance companies and law enforcement would love that right? So where’s my marketing jetpack? Where’s the automated program to handle all that promotional stuff for me?

Sadly, neither the jet packs nor the auto-marketing programs exist (albeit for different reasons) but the reality is, we really don’t want auto-marketing programs. Automation typically means compromise. That compromise would mean similarity between all marketing messages and that kills uniqueness. And in the absence of uniqueness, people shop for the lowest price.

So how are you communicating your business? Your uniqueness? It’s easy to underperform with your marketing. It’s easy to treat your marketing as 2nd priority. Especially early on in your career. Cameras, lenses, and lights are way more exciting (and important) when you first start out. But once you master your craft, what are you doing to master your marketing? 

The moment you become proficient with your camera is the moment you should put your marketing as the #1 priority. Every day you should ask yourself – what have I done to promote my studio today? Hang a small sign with the initials – “WHIDTPMST”. Put it everywhere you look. On your computer, on your door, and anywhere else you typically spend time. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. But there does need to have a clearly defined goal, a budget, and an effective marketing strategy that is consistent in order to succeed. 

What have you done to promote your studio today?