I’m always amazed at the improvement of each new camera, strobe, tripod, or light stand. Cameras are able to see better than our own eyes. Strobes are practically lighting a scene automatically in a way that you almost can’t take a bad photograph. Tripods are getting lighter yet more sturdy. Light stands are more adaptable to uneven surfaces and fold down to briefcase size.   

With that, I started thinking about how technology has changed the printing industry. The quality and speed coming off our presses are jaw-dropping. And the affordability is now in a range that any size studio can create the images and branding of their dreams. Museum-quality paper is now the norm instead of the dream once only available for high-end artists with deep pockets.

Also, not so long ago we used to have to order a minimum of 1000 or even 2000 pieces of something to even produce it. Thanks to today’s technology we can print as few as 25 of something. It almost makes me a tad jealous this wasn’t available when I was starting off in my career. 

So this got me to thinking. Is everyone taking full advantage of printed technology as much as we are our equipment technology? We are at a time in our industry where Branding yourself has never been more important and yet more affordable. How did we get so fortunate to be in such a good situation?

My mentor Lisle Ramsey taught me that the studio owner who had stronger business and marketing skills than even their photography skills would be more profitable. Some studios have had the good fortune of having both strengths but I have certainly witnessed this proof all through my career. 

So what are you doing to take advantage of printed technology? Are you the best-branded studio in your community? Are you using printed technology to get your message out there? 

Speaking of technology, Marathon has created something incredible out of this technology. Check out the Power of 3 Family Program here – https://www.marathonpress.com/power-of-3-family/

One of Marathon’s Family Program Card Examples

It’s not too early to start planning your fall & holiday sessions now. Remember, saving money by not spending it on the materials that can help you promote yourself or make a great impression is not saving money. It’s wasting an opportunity!