Have you ever wondered how photographers create those incredible images that seemingly defy all exposure capture? That is called High Dynamic Range Images. 

And while my camera has that option built into it, I find that I like the results that I get using a software I purchased through a company called Photomatix –https://www.hdrsoft.com/index.html

They offer 3 versions with the price ranging from $39 – $119 as of this writing. I have the Pro Version and use it regularly. 

Here’s what I love about Photomatix HDR software:

  • Easy of use. This is one of the few software programs that is very intuitive. Even if you’ve never used it and hadn’t read any directions almost anyone can figure it out and get immediate results. 
  • Presets. With the Pro version you get 6 HDR Styles, 40 HDR presets, and 70 HDR settings! This enables you to look at the thumbnails on the right of the screen to get a quick idea of what style you might like.
  • Control. I love that Photomatix gives you so much control over the degree of effect of your images. And it’s not just one slider-type deal either. There are several ways to control every aspect of the image. Too many to list here but trust me, if you can’t get what you want with this software you’re not trying.
  • Single file vs. bracketed files. The ability to use a single image or load and process a batch of several files you bracketed, you always have this software available to use on your images. 
  • No tripod is needed. When you process bracketed images they need to be aligned to work. Photomatix has the ability to auto-align the images for handheld images where you slightly move.
  • It can process RAW files! Not just Jpegs. 
  • The ability to apply various degrees of sharpening and contrast after the style has been processed is very powerful. You can also control the crop and straightening of your image as well. 
  • Even on an older computer, I have this software runs very well and is stable. In fact, it has never crashed my computer once even with multiple 36 MP files from My Nikon D810.
  • High-quality output. Your file is enhanced and retains the same quality it started with.
  •  Affordable. The Essentials version is only $39 as of this writing! It’s just as powerful and incredible as the other 2 versions. It just doesn’t have as many styles, presets, or batching options. And even the other 2 versions are worth every penny for all they do.
  •  Free Trial. All these versions give you the ability to try them out for free. 
  •  Educational website. Need examples or advice on how to use HDR software? Just look at the support tab on their website. They can’t make it any easier to create great HDR images than this. 

Conclusion –

Photomatix gives you the ability to take ultimate control of your image. Whether it be doing something artistic, fixing a high contrast issue, or wanting to just slightly enhance an image, this software is one of my all-time favorites.