Senior photography is a market that has changed for professional photographers in the past few years. What hasn’t changed is the importance that milestone is for them and their families.

While overall session numbers are lower, the average order is the highest it’s ever been. The studios that have continued marketing and evolving have had continued success. 

The common denominator behind that continued success is the uniqueness of the photography and the experience of the session. Seniors who look into professional photography want something they can’t get anywhere else.

Seniors may not be able to communicate exactly what they are looking for but that is where your photography comes in to speak for itself. Your job is to ask the right questions and get them excited about ideas you come up with together to make their session the ultimate experience.

Of course, the parents (typically mom) have an interest in all this. They are the ones paying for this after all. But their main interest is in the happiness of their child. Their initial concern is to determine if your photography is worth the value to them in ratio to the excitement of their child! If the Senior is excited, it’s hard for a parent to disagree. But make no mistake, you must sell the mom too.    

Every year you need to reaccess everything you do with your senior photography. From the backgrounds and props to the locations and poses, you don’t want to get the reputation for being the photographer who is doing the same thing an older sibling got from you 3 or 4 years ago.   

Speaking of fresh ideas. Check out this link on Senior Photography that I came across online. It is written by Tata Rossi, who is a Boston photographer and retoucher at – She has listed 50 photography ideas that are wonderful inspirations!

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