We’re winding down to the last few days before the holiday break. Hopefully, you’ve delivered most, if not all, of your orders to your wonderful customers. Take pride in knowing that your artistry has put smiles on many faces this holiday season.

For many, the holidays are not just about the gifts. It’s about the experiences shared between friends and family. This is where our new memories and future stories come from. For instance, going for a walk or a drive to look at the holiday lights in your neighborhood together can be one of the simplest but most satisfying things to do.

One of the fondest memories I have is going for a walk with our daughter who was 8 at the time with our dog as heavy snow was coming down and kids were sledding all over the neighborhood.

The sounds of kids laughing, the wet snow hitting our faces, the effort it took to walk thru the snow, our Pomeranian hopping thru our footsteps to get thru the snow and keep up with us, and the cold on our faces is something I will never forget.

These experiences are where traditions are born. It’s funny how traditions can be created out of something unplanned. Don’t be afraid of breaking old traditions to create something new as well.

Here’s a great link to a list of 50 top traditions for you to consider and enjoy.

Regardless of what you do, all of us at Marathon Press wish you a wonderful & safe holiday!