Just a reminder that more cash is given as gifts at Christmas time than any other time of year. Planning how you’ll help people spend their money with you is your main priority starting right now.

What are some easy things you can do?

Have a Gallery Display in your community (or even in your studio) where you feature your client’s favorite images from the past 2 years. The best part is you don’t have to speculate and invest your own money.

You can contact your clients by email, letter, or postcard promoting the Gallery Display and they can pre-purchase either a 16×20 or 20×24 at 50% off your regular price list. They will be able to pick up the portrait after the image has been on display. And of course if there would be any damage a new image will be made.

Running Out of Space Sale. Contact your customers you have wall sample images on display in the studio that are 2 years or older and sell them at 50% off your regular prices, or whatever you determine you want to price them at.

Winter White Special. Have a session and gift print at a special price for the month of January.

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