Every once in a while a technology or software comes along and you wonder how you got along without it. GotPhoto is one of those programs. And with all our Spring contracts coming up, this is one you need to look at ASAP if you aren’t already using them.

If you are not familiar with GotPhoto, it gives you the ability to streamline the photography and sales process of schools, sports teams, church directories, and any other volume-type photo job you do. The secret is it gives the customer the ability to see their images and order right away thru a scan code provided to the subject on a card.

OK, it gets better than that. It’s MORE than that. It allows you to offer ordering incentives that encourage people to place an order sooner than later. You can decide how much, either a percentage discount or a flat fee, etc. 

But here’s my favorite part. You can promote an offer to this list of names any time you want and as frequently as you want. Let’s say you photographed a team this summer and the holidays are coming up. You have the ability to send out an email to that group and remind them they can still order images. They make a great gift for the family or a stocking stuffer. And again you can offer a short time incentive if you desire!

GotPhoto also allows you to decide if you want to have the Lab fulfill the orders by drop shipping to the clients directly for an additional fee or you can have everything shipped to the studio as always. I love the drop ship option as I don’t have to touch anything once the job is complete. Plus the schools and sports coaches love it as they don’t have to deal with the distribution of the packages.

GotPhoto has the best and most friendly customer service support all year long. That is one of the most important and valuable benefits of their services. It’s getting rare to speak to a human being at a software company but they are cheerful and knowledgeable.  

GotPhoto has a very good “how to” guide on their website but they will personally walk you through a demonstration of how it works. All you have to do is request a demonstration on their site. 

In short, GotPhoto is the smartest, fastest, and easiest way to do volume photography today. It helps you maximize sales and the process makes it very attractive when pitching your services to a school or league. Schools and coaches love it when they don’t have to be involved after the photography is done.

GotPhoto has very affordable storage plans to host all your digital files from your jobs. And when you select Marathon Press as your lab Marathon will cover the first 6 months of your hosting!

Learn more about GotPhoto here – https://www.gotphoto.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=948c24f568f617f31c8a471af10ed426     

Oh and don’t miss their Volume Photography Summer Camp they are hosting this year! The conference begins on Thursday, June 22. Learn more here – https://www.gotphoto.com/summer-camp/#highlights