Your business is built around word of mouth. Is your photography getting the community exposure it needs? This post will give you some answers.

Having community displays does 3 things –

  1. Builds Brand Awareness
  2. Builds Trust
  3. Builds Loyalty

Having community displays gives you exposure to your clients in ways that other forms of advertising can’t. It’s almost like a referral process in the sense that wherever your display is, it becomes an endorsement from that business.

Community displays also supports the rest of the advertising you do. When used in combination with any other advertising it becomes an even more powerful tool.

Think about where your ideal client works, does business at, or hangs out. These are the places you want to network with and arrange a community display that will not only be good for you but bring people and interest to their business as well.

For instance, if you have done some cause marketing to bring awareness to adopting pets, you could have a community display of beautiful pet portraits for people to see. Perhaps there’s some information about how you raised funds to help the shelter and get these pets adopted!

And a display doesn’t have to be big. It could be a single portrait of the owner created on location in his business near the door entrance. It might have a nice plaque next to it that reads when the business was founded and any other personal information about the owner or business.

If you have an ongoing display somewhere, make sure you change or rotate out the images frequently. It keeps repeat people interested and attentive. Some studios even do a drawing monthly where the winner gets a complimentary session and a small gift print. Again, when done with the right type of business that attracts your target client, those new sessions can turn into dedicated clients in the future.

Regardless if a display is temporary, long term or permanent, the key is to start identifying the businesses that have the customers that fit the profile of the client you are after. You’re looking for independently owned businesses. Franchises typically have too much red tape from corporate rules, etc.

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