The end of the year is upon us and hopefully, everyone has had a successful and profitable season. Photographers provide a lot of joy by providing beautiful images that are given as gifts each year.

The end products (the prints) are really just part of what a customer has purchased from you. They have memories of that session that will be part of that image. Much like going to Disney World, it’s often not the ride you remember but the experience as a whole. It’s why people pay more to have a professional create their portrait.

As you finalize the final prints for delivery, take a few minutes to write down some of the things you learned from this season. Even if you had a fabulous year, how and where could you improve?

  1. How could you make the session experience better?
  2. Is there anything you need to change in your photography technique?
  3. Are you communicating as well as you could for the client to know what to expect prior to and after the session?
  4. Are you tracking the inquiry calls? Out of 10 calls how many are booking with you?
  5. Are you collecting information about those inquiries and following up with those leads within 24-48 hours?
  6. Are you thanking your customers properly?
  7. Are you rewarding your VIP clients?
  8. Could you inspire new leads better thru printed materials and improvements on your website?
  9. Is your delivery packaging branded and impressive?
  10. Is your facility professional and decorated to appeal to your target client?

These self-evaluations are needed to help you improve yourself and your business. Have a wonderful holiday break. You deserve it.