I wanted to share this post from Suzette Allen’s archives because it so hits home in ALL of our lives. But what I loved about it was the fact that you don’t need to even read it – just put all her hashtags together and she’s made her point.

But let’s go one step further and add in my wife, Sheila’s favorite expression. Whenever I’m spending too much time looking in the rearview mirror she’ll tell me, ”Don’t should on yourself!” It fits right in there with “shift happens!”

The year is ending in just a few days, but the best part isn’t the close of 2022, but the clean slate ahead for 2023. So, what are you going to do differently in the new year? 

Most important of all, take the time to just kick back and daydream. What do you want the new year to be like? Who are the people you’ve missed the most in the last year and what are you doing to reconnect in the future? What are you missing in your skill set that would make life easier?

The questions go on and on. I know for me, I’m already in countdown mode for IUSA and catching up to friends, especially the Marathon team. I’ve got my own bucket list for the new year and determined to not let “shift” happen.

Wishing everybody a terrific new year!


Augh! [who dealt this hand?]

In one day, my life went from being a free-wheeling traveler, chasing my dreams, to a stay-at-home season to take care of my mom. WHOA, Nellie!

This is a #scaryshift

Immediate #recalculating

Back to #squareone

Has this ever happened to you? A total derail of the progress in motion? It becomes a core-dredging dive into the depths of your dreams, your values, your goals, and your substance.

You get to lay ALL your cards- all your everything -on the table. You resort to the stacks.

Core values: 1-2-3-4….  [can I pass? fold?]

We scrap our well-made plans and go back to the drawing board with just the raw elements, and look for a plan B, or Plan C….when honestly, no plans can even be made while all 52 cards come fluttering back down. 

That’s when I need to remind myself that 

Life happens FOR ME, not TO me, and that I can fully expect this detour to bring something good to the table. 

Certainly, these unplanned, inconvenient and even costly events (of time or money) can feel like a fail or a big fat delay. However, I’ve seen it over and over in my own life, that

EVEN THIS [_whatever_] will bring a much-needed shift; a new perspective or better timing or some valuable discovery that I didn’t know I needed.



So, I remind myself, even now, before the cards have even landed:

I DO know this shift will be good.

Soon enough I will see it.

Until then, I will #TRUSTthejourney