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International Friendship Day – A Terrific Blog Post Idea

Intro by Skip Cohen

Last week Suzette Allen shared the post below and gave us all access to hundreds of selfies she’s taken. Looking through the images, it was the perfect spirit-lifter, and it gave me an idea to share.

Suzette is the Queen of Selfies, and while I’m not sure there’s anyone who can top her archives, we all have grab-shots from events over the last few years. At the same time, we’re all frustrated with pandemic isolation. A friend asked me recently, “What do you miss the most?” It took a split second to answer, “Bumping into friends, literally.”

So, here’s the suggestion – if you missed International Friendship Day, just pick any day of the week and use your blog to remind your readers how great the view is in your rearview mirror. Share candid shots of friends, clients, and moments from the past that will ignite a few smiles.

It’s a great way to help people stay focused on the importance of not giving up hope, no matter how frustrated we are with the pandemic and the politicians. The best thing about this industry has little to do with photography, but the friendships that come out of everyone’s love for the craft, including our clients!

By Suzette Allen

Well, it turns out that Today is International Friendship Day! How could I possibly pass on an opportunity to celebrate my friends?? And what are the odds that it lands on a Theme Thursday?  Well, that looks like a recipe for a fun blog to me!

Many of you know what a selfie-junkie I am. Not that I take that many pictures of myself alone—hardly at all! BUT I love to remember and enjoy the times I spend with friends and the hugs and the smiles and the fun of being together! OH MY….almost 7,000 selfies are on my phone just from 4 years. (2016-2020) So, I joyfully scanned thru all of them (yes, ALL of them) and chose 522 of my selfies with friends to celebrate today!!  Many of you will find your own faces here- thank you all for being in my life, being a friend and I MISS YOU ALL!

Gosh, I can’t wait to get together again with so many of you and simply hug your necks!

And Suzette closed the post with the best thought of all…

Celebrate your friends this day (which is almost over) this weekend, this week, this month. Make sure you tell your friends how much you love them. Make it weird. LOL !! Seriously, we all need a reminder of how much we are loved! To all of you in this gallery… I love you