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Memorable Mugs and the Art of Being Quirky

Intro by Skip Cohen

As I’ve shared so many times before, taking a scroll through the archives of great blogs you’ll find so much terrific content. Often, on a visit to Suzette Allen’s blogs, I’ll find little nuggets of wisdom that just make me smile.

This short post, in particular, brought back a lot of fun memories of each time Sheila and I catch up to Suzette and Jonny, her husband. They’re fun-loving knuckleheads (that’s a compliment!) who love to create, share and have an amazing zest for life.

Suzette talks about feeling better about her own eccentricities, but in all honesty, it’s what we love about her. It’s also the common denominator, so many of us share that’s the foundation for all the great friendships that come out of everyone’s love for the craft!

Good friends don’t let you do crazy things…alone!

By Suzette Allen

Looking back over the images from our road trip, I am entertained over and over by the images of Butler, the mascot and watchdog of the Historic Hutchinson House in Faribault, MN. Of course, the owners, Tami and Doug, were super nice people (and maybe a bit of characters as well), it’s the goofy or eccentric characters that we remember the most. The unique or funny or original things that stick in our memories.

Well, Butler, the dog was a constant source of entertainment and was everywhere we went… from growling at the tripods (he thought they were brooms) to bringing me his blanket while I was sitting on the sidewalk, his personality and quirkiness always made us smile. Tami says he is the charmer and social butterfly everywhere they go in town too. Everyone loves him!

I’m thinking it’s good to be a little goofy or unique- it gives something for people to enjoy. I guess it makes me feel a little better about my own eccentricities.

I always say, “Every photographer I know is a little bit eccentric. Except me of course…because I’m already used to myself.”