Intro by Skip Cohen

Today’s post from Suzette Allen’s archives isn’t about imaging specifically but every challenge we take on in business and our personal lives. She originally titled it #Possible.

Years ago I discovered a quote that became my mantra and it’s never changed.

I do it because I can. I can because I want to. I want to because you said I couldn’t.


The author was unknown, but it described my attitude on taking on challenges. And the “you” in that statement doesn’t always mean somebody else but has often been my own lack of confidence. It’s that little inner voice that gets in the way. 

And then today I stumbled on this post from Suzette from a few months back.

So many of you have great ideas, aspirations and dreams of how you want your skill set and business to grow. Then, life seems to get in the way and before you know it, that project you wanted to do has moved to the back burner.

Suzette’s point about saying it out loud is great, but her real point is believing you can do it. So when what’s in your heart isn’t quite enough – that’s where your network comes in, along with attending workshops, conferences and following artists who are motivating. It’s also where Marathon Press can play a role.

They’re staff is remarkable, and because they talk to so many photographers EVERY day, being part of the Marathon Advantage Program gives you the support you need. So, once you’ve said it out loud a few times, pick up the phone and call Marathon. Get the information you need about MAP, and then start working with a trained marketing professional to help you iron out the challenges to help build your business!

They may say it can’t be done.

But you say it CAN.

And your words matter.

Your Words not only have power to make things possible, the act of you speaking it out loud and the sound of you SAYING IT releases a powerful vibration that just shifts something in the universe and makes it POSSIBLE.

The truth is, you have creative power in your words and as you BELIEVE and SAY SO, the task becomes DOABLE. The situation becomes MANAGEABLE. The thing becomes POSSIBLE.

Right now, in your heart you have thoughts of things you wish could happen, and oh, how you wish things would be different. Right now, faith is being released to you to believe for that thing; for HOPE to rise up in your heart for it and for it to take a new shape in your mind.

The shape of #POSSIBLE

Go and Say it. Out LOUD.

Even though it looks completely unbelievable-Dare to Believe it.

Know you have the POWER to accomplish it and breathe it into existence.