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Nothing Beats Hands-on Education

Intro by Skip Cohen

Suzette shared this post a long time back, but nothing has changed, and her thoughts have no expiration date! Nothing beats hands-on education.

There’s plenty of great content on the Internet. In fact, I share videos from various manufacturers and short tips all the time on the SCU blog, but when it comes to building your skill set, you need hands-on time with a good instructor, because there’s more to education than just learning the technique.

All the major conferences and conventions these days offer some level of hands-on education from full classes to a simple photo walk. And, in every class, you’ve got an opportunity to network and expand your understanding of some aspect of the craft.

Online education is terrific, but it’s only the beginning. You’ve got to follow up with practice and more hands-on to make sure you understand each technique you want to master!

By Suzette Allen

So many photographers think they can learn photography and photoshop and marketing and everything they need to know from the Internet. Well, I have to admit there is a lot of info out there (good and bad), but I also have to tell you about the big missing element…. actually learning from a real person, in person.

There is so much more that can be learned and absorbed and understood from being WITH someone and feeling their energy and presence. Everyone carries an atmosphere with them, and the synergy of like-minded people can never be matched in the absence of proximity.

Before I became an educator, I was involved at a few photographic schools and conventions, (California Photographic Workshops, West Coast School, Golden Gate School, Professional Photogs of Ca) and I learned from some of the best photographers and educators. People like Monty Zucker, Don Emmerich, David Ziser, David Peters, Lori Rose, and many more. Being WITH them and seeing them work and HEARING their passion flow naturally as we relaxed in the evenings or ate lunches taught us far more than their demos and canned speeches. That is part of the reason I became an educator- because it can make all the difference in people’s lives and businesses!

It is sad today to see so many people opting out of the Photographic school tradition and short-changing themselves on a rich, rewarding and priceless experience! The friends and connections I have made over the years from being Present at these schools are lifelong treasures and resources to me!

Take the time to invest in yourself, learn from the best in the biz and make some great friends while you have a truly fabulous time at a photography school or conference. I guarantee you will not regret it, but cherish the experience forever!