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Intro by Skip Cohen

When you start to read this recent post from Suzette Allen, your first impression is going to be that it’s an infomercial for Lumix. But that’s not my intent at all. Suzette’s a perfect example of the outlook we all need to have and share going forward.

Since March of 2020, our industry has taken an enormous painful hit, especially on the wedding and portrait side of the business. And individually, each of you has experienced a level of frustration you could never have imagined. But that’s behind us, and it’s time to rebuild.

I love the way Suzette kept it short and sweet and simply expressed her love for imaging and things she’s recently been doing to boost her confidence. She’s out there letting people know she’s having fun again with her camera.

But, even more important is reminding us that we never stop learning, and each event she captures is bringing her skill set to a new level. The legendary Don Blair was once asked, “What’s the best photograph you’ve ever taken?” His answer, “I don’t know, I haven’t taken it yet!” He never stopped learning, sitting in on classes at various conventions, and following the changing trends in technique.

Think about what you share on your own blog or social media. Suzette included a few great images, talked a little about her gear, and then closed with her most important point…

“It’s a new season and a time to step up and share the Joy of Photography!”

We’re into the seasonality of 2021, but it’s up to you to not only find and rekindle your love for the craft but share it with your target audience. That old line: if you build it, they will come, couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to demonstrating your love for the craft and helping people capture new memories!

By Suzette Allen

It’s been a happy blur…. All the weddings and festivities I’ve been able to capture lately have literally fed my [extreme extroverted] need for people, filled my love bucket and boosted my confidence! I’ve done weddings for 35 years but working for Joey Ikemoto, one of the best wedding photographers in the biz has helped me step up my game in the last six months!

AND it was Fun. . . AND Rewarding. . .

I’ve been 100% Lumix and Micro 4/3 (G-series) shooter for 9 years, but last year, invested in the full-frame system, the LUMIX S5, for weddings. No doubt, it’s more weight to carry, but definitely, so worth it! It’s made all the difference.  Honestly, a lot of it is from my passion to learn (and willingness to be teachable) AND being coached by the best wedding photographer I’ve ever met: Joey Ikemoto. (www.joeyikemoto.com) I can honestly say, in the past six months, between that and the Lumix S5, I’ve captured The Best Wedding Images of my career!

So, let’s begin a fresh season of sharing— I want to share the top 100 images from all the weddings I’ve been doing lately! AND travel images… AND portraits… AND life!

It’s a new season and a time to step up and share the Joy of Photography!