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Inspiration and a Fresh Vision

Intro by Skip Cohen

In the last month, there’s been a lot published about the Bubble Trailer Light Tour. One of my favorite couples in photography, Suzette Allen, and Jon Yoshinaga are on the road for a 13,000-mile workshop-journey of the U.S.

Along the way, they’ve been sharing inspiration, beautiful images, and stories capturing their passion for the industry and the photographers they meet. I’ve been a very tiny part of this idea from the beginning – nothing big, just a sounding board as I was asked, “So, what do you think?” What a privilege to be a part of the idea from the very start!

The tour is now around the halfway point, and I’m thrilled about what Suzette’s been sharing and the comments from across the country. But, great ideas don’t just pop into your head at random. So, I thought I’d go back and find Suzette’s first blog post of 2019. It sets the stage for understanding how something like a nine-week tour comes about.

In this post, she talked about “fresh vision” and seeing the potential in people and things. It’s not my right to share Suzette’s life story, but things haven’t always been this smooth. Suzette’s all about HOPE and LOVE. Two four-letter words that are the foundation of who she is and her outlook on everything she does.

In her post below, she talks about the perfect image, and just recently, she shared the image above. To me, it’s a perfect photograph of NYC, but it represents so much more. Think about how many times Suzette has probably clicked the shutter of a camera in her lifetime. To this very day, she’s still excited every time she picks up a camera – a real magician capturing memories and turning them into tangible objects we can all share.

What I love most about the image is how excited she was to share it. How proud she was of that 15-second click of the shutter. On a trip of 13,000 miles, she made it a point to find time to say, “I want to capture this memory and isolate this moment.”

The Bubble Trailer Light Tour is a fantastic accomplishment, and it’s got another month to go. If they’re headed your way, don’t miss it! You’ll not only learn a lot in the workshops she and Jon are doing, but you’ll have a front-row seat with two of the most positive and inspirational people I’ve ever met! In the process, I can promise you’ll pick up a unique perspective on imaging and maybe even life!

Follow the tour at https://www.suzetteallen.com/BT/ITINERARY

By Suzette Allen

Starting off the year, I just want to proclaim Fresh Vision. I love to see the potential in people and things, and Burning Man is one of those places where you see a huge measure of beauty, creativity, expression and potential. People come to embrace the creative journey and come to be swept away by discovery as well. There is no shortage of amazing art, elements and people!

I photographed this art piece (and many others) in many ways and perspectives and from different angles; even different times of the day. Each time the message was unique.

The goal when shooting is to Shoot and Explore visually and ENJOY the process. The job of editing and judging is later. Shoot Now, Judge Later, to choose the best message and angle and perspective.

With practice, you will soon learn to recognize the true winners when you are shooting, but the best way to train your visual voice is to capture what you see in every different way you can see it. Later you will find that one perspective or angle is clearly the best, and you will be able to choose that one as your best work.

The “perfect” image is one that is not only balanced and pleasing to the eye but tells a story or inspires a memory. Images don’t need to be epic or flawless to carry a meaningful story. Oftentimes, the storytelling aspect can make or break an image.

Ask yourself, “What is the story of the subject or scene I am shooting?”, and you will find that you see your subject with different eyes!