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  1. Edward at 10:14 am

    Originally posted March 8, 2012.
    Informant HD for scheduling activities and tasks. Doesn’t beat a wife, but …. I also use MileBug and GasBuddy. All 3 important to me.

  2. Ray at 10:15 am

    Originally posted March 8, 2012.
    The Photographers Ephemeris (for know where and when the sun rises and sets with satellite views)
    Wunderlist (following Wunderkit closely)
    Poynt (lookup/mapper for business,restaurants,movies, etc(

  3. Wendy at 10:16 am

    Originally posted March 8, 2012.
    Oh! And “Mint” – very good for financials & giving you advice on what you’re paying too much for and where you are spending too much, great!

  4. andybondurant at 10:18 am

    Originally posted March 2, 2012.
    Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Evernote, PhotoForge2, Snapseed, and bunch others….

  5. Emily Lapish at 10:19 am

    Originally posted March 2, 2012.
    @Angela – thanks for the Lemon recommendation! I hadn’t heard of it and I can’t wait to use it now.

  6. Emily Lapish at 10:20 am

    Originally posted March 2, 2012.
    Square, Instagram, Foliobook, and Moodboard help my business more than anything else. They’re amazing and have revolutionized the way I connect with my clients and the way I present my brand to the world.

  7. Angela at 10:21 am

    Originally posted March 1, 2012.
    I can’t live without my Square to take payments on location, but also Lemon, it has been a HUGE help…it scans, keeps images of, calculates, categorizes and tracks all of my receipts so that I don’t have to hold on to paper receipts anymore! LOVE them both!!! Oh…and my Paypal app too…I’m addicted to apps!!

  8. Craig Vander Kolk at 10:15 am

    Originally posted March 1, 2012.
    MileBug is a wonder at recording and reporting on mileage to clients, sessions etc. Who among us hasn’t heard stern words from our accountants at tax time on documenting this legitimate expense. It’s “low hanging fruit” to borrow a phrase from my years in the consulting world yet a real pain to actually take the time and effort to capture it, summarize it and put it in a form usable by your accountant.

  9. Ed Sward at 10:17 am

    Originally posted February 29, 2012.
    After looking for some time I am using Informant (iPhone) and Informant HD (iPad). Very valuable for scheduling and tracking what is needed.
    Still trying to find a CRM equal to ACT! V6 or 7 for the iPhone and iPad. The best world of worlds would have it syncing with a WIN CRM.

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