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Big Profits from Little Calendars


Sometimes a small idea can bring great rewards. Here’s one to consider: In your community there are literally hundreds of businesses that would love to keep their name in front of the public all year round. You can make this happen for any type of business or professional office, and in the process introduce them to your photography — easily and inexpensively.
Simply mail them a sample 5×7 mini-calendar that features six monthly calendars on each side, along with their logo and a photograph that is appropriate for the featured business. Perhaps use your photography business as the example.

Include a letter or card explaining that you can create a similar mini-calendar for their business to use as an insert in holiday cards to their clients or to hand out with purchases during the holiday period. Mention that mini-calendars are a tasteful and cost-effective reminder of their business or professional office. Also let them know that you can provide their firms (and their families) with holiday cards — and even wall calendars — as well.

Keep in mind that this simple mini-calendar promotion can do more than just drive year-end business: It can provide you with an opportunity to expand your market base to a whole new segment of the community: business owners and professionals . . . and possibly even their families. More about mini-calendars from Marathon”

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    April 13, 2012

    Originally posted January 6, 2012.
    The posted picture of printable calendars are looking awesome.i agree with this post.The little calenders are more comfortable to use.People always buy comfortable one.So the little calendars are giving more profit.

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