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Introducing New XTractions HYBRID – An Alternative to Green Screen

School Photographers, Marathon’s new XTractions HYBRID post-production services can save you 50% or more on your Green Screen image processing this Fall. Here’s how it works:

First, you don’t need to photograph with green screen for your traditional underclass head-and-shoulders program this Fall to still get premium background options. Instead, choose to use one of our special Old Master’s backgrounds designed to work with a NEW Xtractions HYBRID background replacement system we introduced at this Summer’s Boot Camp.  By using one of these special backgrounds you can provide a traditional style pose for use with School yearbooks, ID cards, service products and portrait packages without any Green Screen rendering charges while offering the opportunity to upsell a variety of premium backgrounds for added profits. You pay for the extraction of images only when you want or need to add a premium background option.

It’s new technology that will save you money and production time this Fall. For the first time, you can economically provide background variety when you need it without the typical costs or challenges of Green Screen. There’s no green spill or splash to appear in the hair and it works with all clothing colors, even green!  Portrait lighting quality is also better because it’s not necessary to flat-light your subject like you would with Green Screen. Get your beautiful studio lighting back. Plus, since you’re photographing on a good looking traditional background to start, there’s no need to pay for background rendering for those not buying a package, and the captured images are immediately available for proofing, yearbook use, ID card or portrait package printing without additional production. You’ll save time and money.

How much can you save?  Based on average metrics, an elementary school of 400 students will have about 20% of the students (80) ordering a premium background, yet all will require a standard background for Yearbook use. Using Green Screen the average rendering charge would be .35 per image, or $140.  With our HYBRID system, you’d pay only .50 each for only the 20% of students who purchase a premium background, or $40. You would save $100 on a school of this sample size, more on larger schools.

To utilize this service, you must choose to use one of the following computer-printed backgrounds available only from Denny Manufacturing Company. There are two blue-tone, and two grey-tone choices to select from that are pre-tested to work with the new background extraction algorithm. They are CP-OM-2491, CP-OM-3800, CP-OM-1200 and CP-OM-9300.  You can view and order them on the Denny Mfg. website at www.dennymfg.com. We recommend the 6’ wide x 7’ long size which will work with head-and-shoulders portraits for all grade levels; even Seniors.

Photography done on other types of “Old Masters” style backgrounds may be usable as well, but must be pre-approved by us from test images you submit at least 30 days prior to your intended use on a real job. Contact Nikki Stueckrath at Marathon nikkis@marathonpress.net to submit evaluation images for approval and to make your Fall production reservation. Please note that this technology is currently available for only head-and-shoulders Fall-season portraits, but we expect to offer half, ¾ and full-length pose options for Spring, 2018.  HYBRID extraction services are available only for those using Marathon for portrait package processing.

Marathon’s VPS Package Print Services offer you everything you need to be competitive in today’s School Portrait Market. You get great quality, outstanding prices (.65 per unit if you color correct, .75 per unit if we do it for you) and fast 3-4 day turnaround.  We offer PhotoLynx FLOW software with barcoding for student identification, plus VPS EVENTS and ROES software for smaller jobs. We also have the prepay flyers, proof and picture day notices you need and great prices on yearbook publishing.