1. Marketing

Show You Care With a Teddy Bear!


Have you ever noticed that even in a difficult economy, families tend to loosen their purse strings as the holidays draw near? And why not! As soon as parents start planning for the holidays, family is on their minds, and their thoughts quite naturally turn to gift giving. For photographers, this means that it is Prime Time for Portraits! So it’s not too early to begin nudging your clients and prospects into the holiday state of mind by mailing and emailing them with portrait ideas to brighten the holidays.

Here’s an appealing children’s session to run by itself or as the kick-off for a series of holiday promotions, which you can direct mail to the same client and prospect list at appropriate intervals during the pre-holiday season.
The “Show You Care With a Teddy Bear” promotion is based on the time-tested “Toy Promotion” that has been a mainstay for several generations of portrait photographers. Simply ask parents to bring a teddy bear or toy of a specific dollar value to exchange for a child’s portrait session, reminding parents that children’s portraits make great gifts and holiday cards. Mention that the toys will be donated to a reputable charitable organization such as “Toys for Tots,” which is run by branches of the U.S. military.

In addition to direct mailing promotional cards, market via social media, on your website or blog, through client emailings, and post flyers at convenience stores or other public places. To optimize your ability to sell profit-producing wall portraits, let parents make their portrait selections at a projection appointment, so they can see the impact of wall-size images for themselves.

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