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Fundy Software announced a new platform, offering a low-cost online album design and design sharing service, AlbumWorks. Based on their ground-breaking Auto Design and Drop Zone technologies, AlbumWorks is a powerful web-based album design software compatible with over 150 album companies and labs worldwide. Priced at just $100 /year with free flip-book sharing included, it’s […]
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If you are a volume photographer or want to be one, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to save money and pre-register for the annual SPAC Conference in Las Vegas, Jan. 24-27, 2018. The School and Sports Photographer’s Annual Conference (SPAC) is the largest convention of high-volume photographers anywhere, with highly specialized programs and […]
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School Photographers, Marathon’s new XTractions HYBRID post-production services can save you 50% or more on your Green Screen image processing this Fall. Here’s how it works: First, you don’t need to photograph with green screen for your traditional underclass head-and-shoulders program this Fall to still get premium background options. Instead, choose to use one of […]