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How to Build a Happy Work Place

Whether your photography business is small or large, the atmosphere within your studio is crucial to how your business runs. If your employees aren’t happy, your customers will feel the tension in the atmosphere and will become uncomfortable working with you. Eric Michaels gives seven things he believes to be crucial to a great company culture in his article entitled “7 Ways to Build Company Culture.” Those seven things are:

  1. Identify your values
  2. Set the example
  3. Hire with care
  4. Communicate (and re-communicate) your vision
  5. Eliminate the negatives
  6. Reward employees who “get it”
  7. Create a safe harbor

By doing these things in your photography business, you are setting a standard that will be seen and felt by anyone who enters the door. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, but it does matter how you present yourself. Just remember the golden rule “treat others the way you want to be treated” and you will do great.

You can read Eric Michaels’s full article at http://smallbiz.theupsstore.com/blog/small-business-blog/2015/04/28/7-ways-to-build-company-culture