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Keeping The Flame Alive

“Why should I market?” is a question that many business owners ask and there is a very simple answer. In order for a flame to continue to stay lit it needs three things; fuel, oxygen and a spark. If you take one of those things away the flame goes out. Marketing creates the conditions under which sales can be made. Without the spark, the fuel, and the oxygen that marketing brings to your business, your sales will burn out.

In order for your marketing to work as it should to keep your business burning bright there is a step-by-step process you must follow.

• Awareness: Clients will deal with you only if they know you exist. In order to achieve awareness, your marketing must spell out as clearly as possible and without any confusion as to who you are and what you do.

• Comprehension: Prospective clients must also comprehend what you do. If you advertise that you make the finest Giclée prints in town, you probably won’t sell many portraits to those who don’t comprehend what a Giclée print is all about. So your marketing effort must convey a message that is easy to comprehend, such as: “This is a photography studio that does romantic wedding photography and they are located in the next town over.”

• Conviction: This is a critical step in convincing prospects to use your services. They will experience conviction only if they believe that what you offer might have some relevance for them. Conviction is built in many ways, including word-of-mouth-advertising. Clients who receive top-notch products and services from your studio will tell their friends about you. This facilitates conviction better than any advertisement can. So don’t overlook the power of testimonials, whether they are delivered in person or presented as part of your marketing.

• Trial: Once conviction is established, your next task is to induce prospective clients to try your services. Trial is greatly facilitated by an appealing offer or compelling marketing message, coupled with a “risk reducer” (such as a satisfaction guarantee) and a “payment facilitator” (such as a payment plan or acceptance of credit cards).

• Loyalty: The trial stage allows the photographer to do what he or she does best. When all goes well—when the product, the pricing, the promotion and the place meet or exceed the expectations of the client—then it is possible for that client to develop loyalty: the ultimate achievement in the client-studio relationship.

Once these steps are complete, you will have a much easier time keeping the flame of your business burning bright. For more marketing tips contact our marketing representatives at Marathon Press at (800) 228.0629.