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Using Animoto To Build Your Business


Using Animoto To Build Your Business

Animoto for Photography is loaded with features designed to support the unique needs of businesses. In addition to Animoto’s regular features, you can remove Animoto branding, create unlimited dvd-quality videos, add a custom call to action button at the end of videos and access over 500 free-to-use songs.

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Give your studio a competitive advantage
Give prospective clients another reason to choose your studio over the competition by offering gorgeous video that your clients can easily share with their friends and family.

Sell DVDs to your clients
With unlimited downloads, you can easily produce DVDs that play in beautiful widescreen format on your clients’ TVs. Animoto is so fast and easy to use that you can create videos for every single shoot. And, by sharing web-friendly videos with your clients via email, you can give them a tantilizing preview of the DVD they can order.

Create a new revenue stream
Do you currently sell web-friendly videos that your clients can post to their social networking site, carry on their iPhone or email to their friends and family? Animoto automatically produces each video in a web-friendly format that can be resold to clients, or used as an incentive to encourage your clients to purchase your more expensive photo packages.

Help your clients share your photography
Provide your clients with vidoes they can easily email to friends and family, post to social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, carry on their iPhone or iPod, upload to YouTube or post to their blog or website. Each video that your clients share is a terrific brand building tool for you, and a traffic generating vehicle that can drive potential clients straight to your site!

Kick off proof sessions with video
A powerful way to launch into a proof session, generating excitement before the proof session begins and get your clients ready to order lots of prints.

Enhance your blog
Marathon’s Blog allows you to easily embed your Animoto videos. Make your blog even more compelling with videos that reflect holiday, seasonal, or back-to-school specials, or simply to show-off especially fantastic sessions to prospective clients.

Create marketing videos to increase business
Email Animoto videos to existing clients to remind them to schedule a holiday photo shoot, portrait sitting, pet shoot, etc.

Video of the month
Post a video of the week/month/season to your blog or website and inspire prospective clients to schedule appointments and current clients to schedule more photography sessions.

Create promotional videos for your booth
Make sure you’ve got the most compelling booth at your next event, bridal show or mall display by showcasing your photography as show-stopping video.

Upload promotional videos to YouTube
Increase your visibility with traffic generating “commercials” on YouTube.

Enter promo code MPannual for the $249 annual subscription.

To sign-up, visit Animoto now.