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Ways To Use Your Photos On Your Website

It is so important to have an online presence in this digital age. Make sure that your photos are the center of attention on your website with these five tips Wix gives you in their article, “5 Better Ways to Use Photos on Your Website.”

  1. Super-Size Your Background -“This trend towards simplicity and sending a message with a single, powerful photograph is being used in virtually every field.”
  2. Photo Focused Photography Blogs – “Showcase your snaps in a photography blog featuring your pictures as the central part of each post.”
  3. Create Ambiance with Color – “Many websites today create a certain mood with monochrome images, photographs made up of only one color in varying tones.”
  4. Insert Interactive Images – “This fun hot feature hits your site visitors with an element of surprise by displaying a totally different photo when (you guessed it) you hover over an image.”
  5. Attract Attention with Grid Galleries – “Grid galleries are being used widely because they enable you to showcase a large number of photos in a way that’s easy for the user to browse.”

Make your photography the center of attention on your website. It is your profession and your passion and thus should be your focus. Make sure to check out the many different web services that Marathon Press offers to photographers at http://www.marathonpress.com/website-services/.

Wix’s full article can be located at http://www.wix.com/blog/2015/05/5-better-ways-to-use-photos-on-your-website/.