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2011 MAP Getaway


This year’s workshop is over and I’m already wishing next years Getaway was here! Without a doubt we had the best ever workshop and a ton of information from a variety of studios all across the country.


Here’s just some of the many wonderful comments we received that pretty much sums up what we heard over and over :

“It’s nice to hear from working studios that are in the same day-to-day grind that we are in. My mind is still racing from everything we learned at the Getaway!” — Clint Huffaker

“I loved being here at the Marathon Getaway but I always do!” — Cindy Crofford

“Very well planned!” — Jackie Pendleton

“Iincredible! We can’t tell you enough how awesome the MAP Getaway was this year.  We are talking you all up a storm” — Anthony & Yvette Holguin

This year’s group grew in size over last years even though the Getaway is during a busy month! You might wonder why we have our Getaway during such a busy time of year. First, there’s never a better time to stop and take inventory of your progress than when you’re in the thick of things. A couple of days off dedicated to the marketing of your business ensures future success. The human mind works best under these conditionals because you learn while you’re having fun! We all had a lot of fun so we must all be a lot smarter!


We had a big variety of programs presented by no less than 7 different studios, along with break out sessions and reports on top of that. A big thank you to these people for sharing their expertise: Ann Monteith, Candace Pratt, Tom and Chris Goc, Clint Huffaker, Sam Schultz, Cindy Crofford, and Shane and Sunny Dwyer.

I wish I could take the time to summarize all the wonderful knowledge these studios shared but you know how it is, sometimes you just have to be there!


MAP Getaway 2012
Mark your calendars now for July 23 & 24 and optional July 25th Third Annual MAP Getaway in 2012!

What is the optional third day on July 25th?
This is the day you get to spend one on one with Graphic Designers, Internet Designers, a tour of Marathon Press and some wonderful mini marketing programs as well as some personal planning time with your Facilitator. We have a very limited number of seats for this so you need to call NOW! Can’t wait until next July? You can always schedule a planning visit to work one on one with our Designers at special times of the year. Contact Linda Varn at 800-228-0629 for more info.

Make Reservations NOW!
It’s not too early to reserve your seat(s). The Getaway is perfect for everyone on your staff. As mentioned, seating is extremely limited for the optional Wednesday, July 25th event. Call your Facilitator and say “I’m in”. You’re under no cost or obligation to reserve your seats but it helps us with early planning.

We’ll be at Norfolk Lodge and Suites again next year. It’s a fabulous facility and they agreed to give us unbelievably affordable rates for everyone. A block of rooms have already been reserved!