1. Marketing

While Families Are Together…


Along with the joy of Thanksgiving comes the frenzy of holiday shopping, so it’s time to remind your clients and prospects that the year-end holidays are the perfect opportunity to bring loved ones together for a family portrait. Remind them that when so many family members are home for the holidays, there is no better time to capture those family memories.
Because year-end holidays are packed full of activities for most families, it pays to be flexible with your studio hours during this prime-time portrait season. Studios that close between Christmas and New Year’s often miss out on family portrait opportunities. Also remember that college students typically have breaks that last into January, so be ready to take advantage of sessions during this period. Be sure that your promotional materials mention that you are willing to work around their busy schedules.

Consider this appealing offer to help sweeten the deal for families: A FREE gift-size image for each child in the portrait. And use this simple call to action: Call Now – Sessions Limited – Don’t Be Disappointed!

Get your message across via mailing promotional cards, and spread the word through social media on your website or blog and through client emails.

To optimize your ability to sell profit-producing wall portraits, hold a pre-portrait consultation, then let parents make their portrait selections at a projection appointment, so they can see the impact of wall-size images for themselves.

To launch a “While You’re Together promotion quickly and easily, Marathon has created a finished solution that incorporates design and copywriting. You can learn more here.