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How to Improve Your Instagram

When most people first hear the words “Social Media” they think about posting pictures and statuses to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While the primary function of these sites is to stay connected with friends and family members, these sites can also be a great place for you to expand your business.

In her article, “8 Ways To Successfully Grow Your Instagram,” April Nienhuis gives 8 tips to help you grow your Instagram account and, in consequence, grow your business.

  1. Add your Instagram feed to Facebook
 – Adding your Instagram feed to your Facebook fan page is rather simple and a great way for people who already like you on FB, to also find you on Instagram.
  2. Add your Instagram feed to your website – Not only can you add your feed to your Facebook, but you can also add a scrolling widget to your blog or website.
  3. Blog about it – If you want to change it up some, make a commitment to post one time a month on your blog about your Instagram photos.
  4. Don’t forget to hashtag – Hashtags are a great way for other users and businesses to see your photos so use them.
  5. Post frequently – I’m not suggesting you post every day or even multiple times a day, but try to post a few times a week if you’re really trying to grow your audience.
  6. Comment on others photos – I’m very much an introvert but I have met so many amazing people on Instagram by commenting on photos. It’s easy to double tap to show some love, and I do that quite often, but there’s something special about putting that extra energy into typing a few words of love.
  7. The mullet effect – A little business on Instagram is nice but I love seeing the personal side of those I follow.
  8. Participate in group projects – Again, the community aspect of Instagram is what makes it so fun and what better way to dig into a community than to participate in a project!

Whether you are only using Instagram for personal reasons or if it is another platform to grow your business, these 8 tips will help you succeed in growing your Instagram. Make sure to check out April Nienhuis’s full article at http://www.clickinmoms.com/blog/8-ways-successfully-grow-instagram/.