1. Techniques

Learn to Love the Sun

The sun can be a photographer’s best friend or worst enemy. By understanding and capturing the light of the sun in the right way a photographer can create beautiful light photos. In her article, “Sunshine: My Favorite Light Source,” Melinda Smith discusses a few of the “DOs” when it comes to lighting your photographs with the sun.

  1. DO pay attention to how the light falls on your subject’s face
  2. DO try backlighting
  3. DO use backlighting at any time of day
  4. DO move yourself around
  5. DO use poles, trucks, bushes, or whatever is there to manipulate the light to your advantage
  6. DO pay attention to the clothes YOU are wearing
  7. DO use your subjects and your own body to work the sun
  8. DO experiment with the sun directly lighting your subject
  9. DO keep in mind that it is hard for people to not squint when they are looking into the sun
  10. DO use front lighting when you want a dark background
  11. DO use the sun for beautiful portraits
  12. DO become a light watcher

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using the sun as your light source. It is just important to never give up. Just because it’s a little overcast outside doesn’t mean that the light is ruined. It just means that you have a little bit of a softer light that day. Have fun and capture the sun!

You can read Melinda Smith’s full article about sunshine at http://digital-photography-school.com/sunshine-my-favorite-light-source/.