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Is Your “Gifting Strategy” in Place for the Holidays?


This holiday season, Americans are expected to spend an estimated $87 billion on gift cards, making the gift card the number-one present under the tree for the sixth straight year. – moneycentral.msn.com


Gift cards are especially useful when you are creating a promotion to drive business to your studio. When you send a gift card with a defined value, consumers feel as though they are holding on to real money; they are far less likely to toss out a “real money” promotion as opposed to a coupon that is easily forgotten. When presenting a gift card, it’s important to clearly indicate the value by either imprinting it on the card itself or inserting it into a carrier in which the value can be written by hand.

A gift certificate is the perfect option for your clients who wish to purchase photography for their friends or relatives based on a specific product or dollar amount that is obvious to the recipient, which can be filled in by the studio owner or employee. In this age of image-conscious consumers, it is well worth the expense of printing custom gift certificates that support your marketing identity or choose a preprinted gift certificate designed specifically to show off photography.

Whether you choose gift certificates or gift cards to enhance your sales during this holiday season, keep these factors in mind:

  • Have a well-thought-out gifting strategy as part of your holiday marketing and sales plan.
  • Prominently display gift certificates or cards where they can easily be seen by studio visitors.
  • When conducting portrait sales during this holiday period, don’t forget to mention your gifting options as “the perfect gift” for friends and family.
  • Recognize the importance of good design and presentation when creating your studio gifting materials. Make it easy to include a studio brochure or card that will help the gift recipient understand the quality and value of the gift they will receive from your studio.

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