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Promote Your Photography Business Online For Free!

Marketing can be a very expensive part of your business, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many places online where you can promote your business for free! The Wix blog gives a few examples of these free online marketing platforms in their article, “8 Free Places to Promote Your Photography Business Online.” A few of those places include:

  1. Market with Social Media – A professional social media presence is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to promote and profit from their photography page.
  2. Get On Local Listings – Directories and listing websites like Yellowpages.com, Yelp and Foursquare are go-to places that people often turn to, to look for businesses and services right in their area (like say… a wedding photographer) so you’ll want to make sure that your photography biz is clearly listed on those pages.
  3. Broadcast Your Skills – Share your photography skills online to build a strong reputation as a photographer who knows their stuff.
  4. Engage with Online Communities – If you’re not familiar with these online photography communities yet, now is the time to check them out. These offer a great network to share works, engage with pro or amateur photography buffs and exchange ideas.

These are only four of the many free online platforms you can promote your business. Make sure to pick the ones that work the best for you. Just because something works for someone else does not mean that it will necessarily work for you.

Check out the rest of Wix’s article at, http://www.wix.com/blog/2015/03/8-free-places-to-promote-your-photographers-business-online/.