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Help a Charity . . . Help Yourself!


Charity, they say, begins at home; yet for many photographers, supporting local and national charities through their businesses is a key aspect of marketing success, as it puts them in touch with qualified clients who prefer to do business with those who give back to the community. What’s more, they recognize that charitable marketing is a strategy that can sustain their business over time. This is especially true during a recession, when many organizations find it even more challenging to meet operating expenses or support expansion projects.
What does it take to connect with a charity that can be beneficial to your studio? Step one is to find a charity that is a good fit for your business. Any well-recognized local charity that puts you in contact with qualified consumers or supports schools or activities frequented by them, can open doors for you to participate in auctions or other fundraisers. Simply connect with the fund-raising chairman of the organization, and ask how you can help.

Each year members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) participate in charitable opportunities sponsored by PPA Charities (PPACH) in support of Operation Smile, the highly regarded international charity whose volunteer medical professionals treat children who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities .

PPA Charities fund-raising campaigns are a perfect match for photographers, whose business is literally creating smiles for the clients they serve. Each fall, PPACH sponsors Family Portrait Month, which represents a great opportunity to remind clients and prospects that fall is prime time for family portraits, especially since the gift-giving holiday season is right around the corner. If you are not a member of PPA, you can learn more about the organization at www.ppa.com, and you can connect with PPA Charities at www.ppacharities.com.

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