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Love Birds: Couples Photography

Couples photography can be so romantic. You can feel the love and passion in the way a couple holds hands or kisses each other. But, if you’re not careful, couples photography can also be cutesy and cheesy. Melinda Smith gives five great tips that will keep your couples photos romantic and not cliché, in her article “Couple Photography: Telling Their Love Story.” These tips are:

  1. Be Invisible
  2. Get Them Closer
  3. Give Them Something to Do
  4. Faces Aren’t Mandatory
  5. Be Invisible – Again

Being invisible has to be the most important step that Melinda Smith gives. (She does say it twice.) By being invisible the couple you are photographing can feel comfortable and their normal, relaxed selves can shine through. This is when you can “get them closer” and it “give[s] them something to do.” The best pictures come when people are relaxed. Make sure to keep your couples comfortable. That is when you will get the really sweet pictures everyone will love.

You can read Melinda Smith’s full article about couple photography at http://digital-photography-school.com/couple-photography-telling-their-love-story/.