1. Marketing

Open Doors To Potential Clients



When you are out and about in the community, you probably encounter subjects you would like to photograph for any number of purposes . . . to use as studio or advertising samples, competition prints, or simply to practice new techniques on an interesting subject or group. Offering a “Be My Guest” card is an excellent way to break the ice and establish your credibility and motivation in offering a free session to someone you’ve just met. The size of a business card, a Be My Guest card is easy to carry with you in a purse or pocket wherever you go, and keep a supply on hand to give out at any special events in which you participate or sponsor. Because they are inexpensive, consider creating several different card versions that are illustrated with each of your major product lines such as children, families, or high school seniors. Don’t expect everyone you photograph from a Be My Guest session to purchase from you, and don’t make the mistake of pressuring anyone to do so. Remember that the purpose of an invitational session is to make connections with potential clients through the buzz created in a community outside of your current marketing reach. You never know what doors will open, even if all that comes from the session is merely an image posted on your website or blog.