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Going the Extra Mile

Into by Skip Cohen

While the pandemic has changed everything in business and so many different aspects of our lives, it’s also allowed you to demonstrate why you’re a consumer’s very best choice. The pandemic may have changed how we have to run our businesses, but nothing has changed when it comes to excellent service.

I found this post in the archives of Successful-Photographer. My buddy Bob Coates shared it a while back. While it might seem irrelevant to your photography business, it’s about an experience.

Now, think about what your clients feel working with you? Was it an experience they’ll remember? What are the extra things you did to make working with you memorable?

Even in the pandemic, you can dazzle clients by keeping in touch, suggesting ways to show their images, framing ideas, and special reminders of key dates in their lives you’ve logged into your database.

At one of the Marathon MAP getaways, a few years back, Beverly and Tim Walden spoke. They shared what they do for each family heirloom they create, including a certificate of authenticity on the back. Notice, they’re not selling a portrait, but a piece of art to be handed down and cherished by future generations.

Going that extra mile always pays off! Work to build loyalty with your target audience.

Loyal customers, they just don’t come back – they don’t simply recommend you,
they insist that their friends to business with you.
Chip R. Bell

By Bob Coates

I want to salute Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Scottsdale, AZ. My wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary during an Arizona Staycation. We decided to do a little happy hour at Flemings restaurant. We enjoy the social aspects of dining at the bar and this was a great time.

Setting the stage, enter our bartenders for the evening, Brian & Erin. Our experience was wonderful all the way through. Greeted professionally and with pleasant personality. Given a very nice recommendation for wine choice. Food was well presented and flavors fabulous.

Gift box with our surprise sweets enclosed…

Remember, we enjoy the social part of dining at the bar and were chatting with a lovely woman named Jennifer and my wife mentioned in passing that we were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. A little while later Brian appears with a present of a box of chocolate truffles. He said, “Heard you were celebrating and here’s a little treat from Flemings… Congratulations.” (May be some paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.)

So a tip of the hat to Flemings in Scottsdale for a wonderfully memorable evening including stellar service.

But, that’s not really what this post is about…What are YOU doing to go above and beyond so your clients get so excited that they blog and tweet and share how excited they are about YOUR business??