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A Great Business Card Never Dies

Intro by Skip Cohen

Life has changed for all of us, but I’m not referring to the pandemic, but technology. Despite that, business cards are still alive and well. Regardless of whether you create a printed card or digital online video piece – the concept of creating a reminder of who you are is more valid than ever.

Even more appropriate, because Marathon Press can help you with the design and creation, your card for many potential clients is their first introduction to you and your business. It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you do, hook the client, and establish ways to contact you for more information.

Even through the pandemic, I repeatedly received business cards attached to snail mail correspondence, prints I purchased, and even a couple of books. As recently as this past week, I asked a landscaper who did some tree-trimming for us, to leave me with a small stack of his cards to give to neighbors in need of similar services. He did a terrific job, was reasonably priced, and so appropriate for me to pass on the referral.

So, as much as things change – some things NEVER change. The business card and its ability to help keep your name out there hasn’t slowed down, and neither should you!

By Chamira Young

As technology has changed and advanced, there are some aspects of businesses that have changed things forever and have made permanent differences in the way we run businesses.

There are also things in the realm of business that come and go in trends, just like clothing and other trends. One of the best and most clear examples of this is the business card.

While it seems a bit old-fashioned to hand out a piece of paper, it turns out to still be one of the most effective ways to quickly share information while being professional. With that in mind, your business card, no matter how often you decide to use it can be a huge advantage to you if you can create it and use it effectively.

First, you must create a business card that stands out. Standard business cards that go in someone’s wallet and never return are far gone. However, unique, and eye-catching business cards can be a clever memory that you leave after you meet someone.

Creation: Creating a business card that stands out, you will need to take the size, material, and verbiage into account. Breaking the mold of the standard size will both make it memorable and a bit harder to ignore and lose. Likewise, the material is also a fun factor to play with. Using different types of paper or material can be a great way to leave an impression and show that you are out of the box, so to speak.

And obviously, the words you have on your cards are equally important. Using your words wisely leaves a positive and unique memory for those who read it and should be simple to remember.

Go Online Too: Second, you should also make an online version of your business card. As close to an exact replica as possible should be found in the footer of your website or your email signature. This is a clever way to both display your information but also trigger a memory if someone has seen the card before. It’s incredible the impact an image or card can make someone’s memory fire and make connections.

By having an online version of the same or similar card, you are giving yourself a chance to be seen with clear, concise information, that is both printed and digital.

Leave It: Finally, just leave it around! If you can afford to make a few extra copies of this upgraded business card, leave that thing here and there strategically and do your part in leaving an impression on someone.

One of the best examples of this comes from DJs at weddings. They never leave the sound booth but every single table has a business card or two about the DJ. Maybe a place on the card to text a request and the contact information. It’s not an “in your face” presentation of the card by the DJ themselves, it’s an invitation, a clever reel-in, and a memory that you might use later when you are thinking about DJs.

Business cards are far from dead, but the old and aged card rules are. Bright, bold, unique, and memorable are the new age of business cards and just might be the thing that pushes your marketing to the next level.

Think of a design, get help and advice from a few other professionals and make it happen. You don’t have to print hundreds at a time to test this theory. Just take this advice, create a killer business card, and watch your business grow using this timeless business tool.