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Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Case by Zagg
by Ann K. Monteith

I was amazed at how quickly the iPad changed my computer habits. As an admitted Mac Fanatic, it was hard to pass up the original iPad, but I held out for iPad 2 because I really wasn’t sure how the new device would fit into my computing and communications needs. But when it arrived, it took me only hours to recognize that iPad could free me from my desk and allow me to do many computer functions while sitting in a comfortable chair or even in bed. Since then, I continue to find new uses for it, both in my business and for pleasure.

I was very lucky in my purchase timing, because I quickly discovered Logitech’s iPad 2 Keyboard Case by Zagg, which had just come out and would not fit the original iPad. I found it while searching for a protective cover, and I’m glad I took a chance on it. This fantastic gadget achieves Mac perfection: Adding only a few ounces of weight to my iPad, it serves as both an outstanding protective cover, acts as a tablet stand, and best of all… a wireless keyboard is built into the cover.

The keyboard is WONDERFUL. I’m a very fast typist, and it keeps up with my speed brilliantly. When I’m working on my iMac at my desk, I keep the iPad on the stand, right next to the computer because I use its Reminders app to keep myself on task. It’s fantastic on planes, as it fits nicely on the tray table at a perfect position to relax and watch a video or read a book. And it’s easy to jot down ideas or add to my Reminders. Since it fits in my purse, I don’t have to dig into a briefcase for my laptop. Because I travel so much, these two items (the Logitech Keyboard Case and the Reminders app) are truly the power tools of my business: I don’t leave home without them!

You can find information about it at this link:

The really good news is that the price has come down from the $99.99 I paid for it to only $77.34, and it ships for free. What a deal!

Is there a particular techy device that you can’t live without?

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  1. Maxa at 12:17 pm

    Yes, my Iphone. Without it, I would not be able to easily listen to music, watch movies, surf the web, take pics etc. on the move.

  2. John Burdick at 7:28 pm

    I just purchased a Mophie powerstand for my iPad ( http://www.mophie.com/product-p/1195_pwrstd-ipad-alm.htm ). I’d been looking for a stand for a while, when I ran across this one at the Apple store. I’m in love with it! The stand holds the iPad very securely and it charges and syncs it as well. It rotates 90 degrees in either direction and is rock solid aluminum construction. I use it on my desk to reference things while working on my computer as well as a second display for my Mac using the Air Display app available in the Apple app store. Using it as a second display allows me to put my Photoshop palettes on the iPad and thus giving me more real estate on my main screen for editing. It folds nice and compact and is great on the airplane for typing, watching movies, reading books etc… The more I just it, the more I love it!

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