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What Conferences Are You Attending in 2020?

We’re quickly coming up on the fourth quarter of the year, and soon you’ll be knee-deep in potential business with the fall/winter seasonality. And, while I know we’re still in the August/September time frame, that doesn’t change the fact that with a blink of an eye, the calendar pages are going to turn again.

As you look at 2020, start thinking about all the conferences, workshops and classes you need to help you grow. With every event, you’ve got an opportunity to expand your network; be exposed to new ideas and levels of creativity.

There’s a great quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson that I’ve shared many times:

“I am a part of all that I have met!”

While it might sound a little hokey, every person you meet has the potential to have an influence on your style, skillset, and growth as an artist!

You need to attend every event you possibly can. Build your network of associates and friends. You never know when that person you’re talking to on the elevator needs a little help or is going to help you.

You need to be at every conference you possibly can attend: PPE in New York, IUSA in Nashville, SYNC in Florida, WPPI in Las Vegas, PhotoShop World in Orlando and Las Vegas, ShutterFest in St. Louis and ClickCon in Chicago. (Note: 2020 dates are not announced yet for all of these shows.) Then there are the state and regional shows all year long.

And for those of you who don’t think you can afford to go to multiple events each year – YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!