Intro by Skip Cohen

This is a very different kind of post than we normally share here, but there are a couple of points Suzette Allen makes which is why I wanted to feature it today.

It’s obviously promoting a Panasonic LUMIX camera but take it one step further. So many of you are still doing things the same old way. Yet technology has given everyone the ability to bring video into the mix of what you offer your clients. And yes, a lot of times it really is as easy as Suzette has shared.  She’s taken video and combined it with great music. So, what are you doing to make your work look different?

Now is the time to be working on planning your fourth-quarter promotions. Bringing video holiday cards into the mix for your clients and excellent family portraiture allows you to set yourself apart from the competition.

Second, I love Suzette’s comparison of the ocean’s surface to people. These days we’re so polarized in our opinions. Too often when we meet somebody who says something we don’t like, we write them off and move on. We don’t take the time to get to know them and find that “rich deposit of amazing talent” Suzette refers to.

Imaging isn’t just about capturing moments but telling stories. But you can’t tell a story if you don’t listen to whoever’s telling the story first.

Really, Mom was the one who wanted to go to Monterey to see the Aquarium. I’m always up for an adventure, so I went along and, of course, I had to bring my new LUMIX GH6! Video is one of its strongest suits, so of course, I had fun leveraging the slow motion and beautiful 4K quality. WOW. Just wow!

She had to drag me away from the Jellyfish!

What’s so amazing to me is that the ocean, as rough and relentless as it is on the surface, has another completely different silent world going on beneath the waves. One of depth and color, gracefulness and mystery. Complex and magical; some of it incredibly bizarre—the world beneath the surface is alive with color and shapes and gracefulness that mesmerizes the viewer. We are so privileged to be able to see and experience this beautiful world.

And it reminds me of people….so many have a rough (and perhaps relentless) surface thing going on, but deep inside is uniqueness and color; rich deposits of amazing talents, and one-of-a-kind perspectives. Have we earned the trust and the privilege to be able to see and appreciate their authentic self, as they are silently being amazing beneath the surface?