There are many ways to market to new mommies and moms-to-be, however, over the years, networking has remained the number one way to get in front of targeted, qualified clients.  Networking with and through past clients is always my go-to place to begin.  

If I am starting something new I will make personal phone calls to a select number of clients, letting them know what’s new and asking them to keep me in mind when they hear of a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who might be interested in our studio experience.  

I make up gift cards and enclose them in a nice card that can be personalized and give each of my interested clients 5-10 of these gift cards to give to anyone that they feel would be a good fit. I work with other business owners in much the same way.  

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic“.

Seth Godin
Image by Lori Nordstrom

Once a relationship has been established, I’ll offer gift cards to the business owner as a thank you to their best clients.  

Again, I supply the gift cards and ask that they gift the cards to anyone that they feel would enjoy my style of photography, as well as wall portraits and albums.  

Don’t have past clients to reach out to yet? Person-to-Person Marketing should still play a big role in getting started! Make a list of friends and business owners that you already know, and reach out to let them know about your new business! Make it easy for them to share your business with others. 

Partnering up with other businesses and well-connected people takes time and effort, but I’ve found that it brings me the most qualified new clients.

Most of all, enjoy your tiny clients! Be patient, and ask a lot of questions – moms love to talk about all of the new experiences whether it’s her first child or her fifth! This is a great way to not only bond and show you care but to refer to those memories and milestones as you are capturing those exact moments.  

Each stage is a stage that they will only get to experience once with that child.  What better way to remember it all than with beautiful portraits!