We all have heard the phrase “show what you want to sell”.  But, what does that really mean?  Taken literally, it would mean that if you want to sell for the wall, you should only show wall portraits or wall groupings.  If you don’t have a studio location, this can be hard to do!  Even with a studio location, showing lots of wall groupings can be a big investment to make.

Even though I have a retail studio, I like to work on location. I enjoy being in my client’s homes, helping them with clothing suggestions, and choosing personal props for their session.  I also enjoy walking through their homes and making suggestions for where to hang their portraits.  

There are many different sales software solutions available to photographers, that allow you to import snapshots of clients’ walls, and build their portrait art to scale. I have used several over the years, but I currently use Fundy Design Software. 

By designing and suggesting custom wall art in specific sizes, I can “show” my clients what I want to sell by showing and suggesting wall portraits or wall groupings right on their own walls. This in itself is even more powerful than your client walking into your studio and seeing a wall grouping that showcases another family. 

I’ve learned that an ordering appointment in my client’s home, with only a laptop, can lead to very high sales, because the process is so customized for each and every person.  

If selling wall portraits is your goal, then set up systems to lead your client through the entire process so that they will be ready and excited to purchase!