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  1. Mark at 8:53 am

    Are you kidding me? Other than being the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader calendar photographer (Steve Lucas, you are a lucky man), this is a no brainer! Sports Illustrated! LOL.

  2. Auintard at 3:24 pm

    Black Enterprise(Magazine)Photographer…Photographing the movers and shakers in the business world for articles and of course shooting a cover here and there.

  3. Posted by: Lee at 12:28 pm

    Being the movie “Still Photographer” on the movie set is an awesome job and in addition to many of your photos being used in the production, you also receive a credit line at the end. So many movies, so many photos and YOU are the one essential person needed for every production.
    You’ll need to know more than just taking “snapshots” on the set…you’ll be a one person “photo booth” capable of producing lots of images and possibly special effects.
    Get focused, stay organized, and make contacts. Cheers!

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