Intro by Skip Cohen

I love this post Suzette Allen shared recently because it hits on a topic near and dear to so many of us. With all the challenges in business and our personal lives, we forget to take time to be creative. We’re always working on a deadline, and as soon as we’re done with one project, another appears.

One of the things I loved about conventions and conferences before the pandemic was how they forced us to take a break from the routine of running a business. They allowed us to meet with other people in the industry and share ideas – all supporting the creative process.

So, those conferences are a little limited these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time away from the routine to be creative! You need to recharge your creative battery regularly. And with the next big convention, IUSA, still a few months away, what are you doing this week to step away from running your business and simply let your creativity flow?


“When the work is done, then you can play”.


I heard it so many times growing up and I got really good at being a hard worker because of my Dad’s influence and mindset. (which I seem to have adopted for myself). 

But guess what? The WORK IS NEVER DONE!!! As soon as we accomplish something, a new task appears and all our creative dreams about fun projects to make life more beautiful fall off in the sidelines as we blaze off into the sunset working even harder!

Someday we will be able to get to that Creative Carrot, right?!

That carrot…. dangling with colorful paint dripping off it, hung by sparkly lights and bursting with fresh ideas and life! Why do we put off all our creative and fun intentions to immerse ourselves in the slog once again? I’m finding it’s just not the life I want anymore.  It doesn’t accomplish my true goals and values, OR bring me any joy!

When I took a hard look at my Life Goals, the things I truly value, and the things that make me feel happy, my TO-DO-LIST didn’t measure up! I needed to put a higher priority on the fun and creative stuff that makes life worth living. If it always goes to the end of the list, the years roll by, the craft table piles higher, the longing to create [whatever it is] goes unfulfilled…. And we push harder to “get done” so we can play.

……But then we are too tired. #maybetomorrow  

Permission is all that is required. WHAT IF you gave yourself PERMISSION to tackle that painting project or dresser refinishing or sewing project first? WHAT IF you ALLOWED yourself to carve out a slice of time for pure JOY?

Our hearts, minds, mood, zeal, and energy ALL elevate when we allow ourselves to flow in creativity and do something we LOVE. It’s like pure medicine—or magic!

What would you do today if you could just LET yourself take the time….?

And what if the only Measure of Success was JOY?